Read Me for Games

This page contains about Houmotsuko Games. Please read this first.

DO NOT do these following acts:

  • Redistribute games.
  • Link “directly” to game archives, screenshots.

Before downloading the game, please note the following:

  • These games support Windows OS only.
  • Please download and install on self responsibility.

I'll answer your questions about my games!

What does "Status" means on game list?

This means making status of the game. There are 3 patterns:

  • Making : Released, but still unfinished.
  • Finished : Released and finished.
  • Stopped : Unfinished, but making is currently stopped.

How to play standalone version?

Follow these:

  1. Download Zip
  2. Unzip it
    • JUST DO UNZIP. You cannot execute the game in the Zip.
  3. Execute the unzipped game.

I got warning and cannot download!

Except of WebGL version, games are released as Zip archive.
When you download the archive, some browsers will block downloading archives.
Unblock it will restart download. Please download on self responsibility.

How do I spread the game?

Use game introduction page ((en)/game/brabrabra/index) URL.

DON'T Redistribution and Direct Link.